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Welcome to Glen Cove Landscaping Service

Glen Cove Landscaping Service Philosophy

Dedication. Commitment. Excellence.

Glen Cove Landscaping is a locally-owned-and-owner-operated-lawn-care company. We are your neighbors and care about your lawn and yard as much as you do.  We at Glen Cove Landscaping have great respect for the environment… We also have a great deal of respect for your neighbors… and local laws… We are proud to offer quality lawn care and reliable services. We are YOUR local landscaping company and we’d be honored if you chose us for your yard maintenance, cleanup, etc.

If you are looking for a complete redesign, or maintenance, weekly,

bi-weekly or monthly, we’d be happy to provide you with a quick and complete price guarantee. 

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Get to Know Us

Respectful to the Environment and your Neighbors

Regarding the environment, we adhere to your wishes and the local laws regarding the treatment of your yard. We don’t believe in using a lot of chemicals and will evaluate with you the best way to make your yard not only look good but be a healthy environment for you, your family, and your pets. 

Regarding you neighbors- they are our neighbors too and we respect them as much as you do... Therefore, when we do yard cleanups, we will not be the landscaper that simply moves the fall leaves from your property, under the fence to your neighbors. We’ve all seen this happen by other landscape contractors and we simply won’t stand for this. We make sure that all the leaves and debris are contained within your yard then carefully carted off by us… Oh yeah, we don’t push them onto the street either, that’s just as wrong. 

 When we use our power equipment, we are conscious of the noise it makes and we strive to keep our noise impact to a minimum. (See local Law requirements below).  We are known to be fast and efficient, getting the job done and turning our machines off. We will work with you regarding your schedule and how our presence will have the least impact on your day. 

plantings by Glen Cove Landscapping
Flowers Glen Cove Landscapping

Our Weekly Maintenance Packages Include


If you need a complete lawn renovation, we can help by either planting seeds or installing sod. There are benefits to having a professional landscaping service. We will be happy to go over the options and cost with you to determine the best option for you and your home. 

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PSA- Spotted Lanternfly
and the "Tree Of Heaven" 

Long Island is at risk from the Tree of Heaven and the Spotted Lanternfly.

Ailanthus altissima, an invasive species of plant native to China, has become a serious issue in many regions of North America, including Long Island. Due to its adaptability to a variety of environmental factors and its prolific seed production, it was brought to the United States in the 1700s as an ornamental tree and has since expanded quickly. The Tree of Heaven, despite its name, is regarded as a weed because of its fast growth and detrimental effects on local ecosystems.

Asia, more specifically China, India, and Vietnam, is home to the Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula). Following the initial Pennsylvania detection in 2014, it has since expanded to a number of other states, including New York. The Spotted Lanternfly eats a variety of plants, but it favors the Tree of Heaven above all others. Because it may kill and harm trees, vines, and crops, this insect poses a serious threat to agriculture and ecosystems, having an impact on both monetary and natural systems.

Long Island dangers

The Tree of Heaven is renowned for its aggressive growth, which enables it to displace local species and disturb ecosystems. Other plants can't grow because of their dense canopy, which shades them out. This could result in a decline in biodiversity and have an adverse effect on local flora and wildlife.

Spread of the pest: The agricultural sector on Long Island is at risk from the Spotted Lanternfly. It consumes a wide range of plants, such as fruit trees, grapevines, and hardwoods, which could lead to financial losses and have an impact on local food production.

The Function of Glen Cove Landscaping Service:

The risks posed to Long Island by the Tree of Heaven and the Spotted Lanternfly can be greatly reduced by Glen Cove Landscaping Service. This is how:

Tree management and removal: The landscaping company can locate and get rid of any Tree of Heaven specimens that are already present in yards and landscaping. In order to stop the plant from spreading, proper disposal is essential. They can also put management plans into action to restrain the Tree of Heaven's expansion.

Plant Replacement: Native plant species can assist rebalance local ecosystems by being recommended and planted. Native plants help local wildlife survive and thrive while also competing with invading species like the Tree of Heaven.

Glen Cove Landscaping Service can inform homeowners about the presence of the Spotted Lanternfly and its preferred host, the Tree of Heaven, through pest monitoring and control. They can put in place monitoring methods to spot the insect early on and take the necessary pest control precautions to stop it from spreading throughout your landscape.

Community Awareness: The landscaping service can help to spread knowledge about the risks posed by invasive species like the Spotted Lanternfly and the Tree of Heaven. Teaching locals the value of early discovery, reporting, and appropriate management methods is part of this.

The ecosystems and agricultural sector of Long Island are seriously threatened by the Tree of Heaven and the Spotted Lanternfly. By removing and managing the Tree of Heaven, introducing native species, keeping an eye out for Spotted Lanternflies, and educating the public, Glen Cove Landscaping Service may play a significant part in fending off these dangers. The landscaping service can assist protect Long Island's ecology and economy while preserving the beauty and health of its landscapes by taking proactive actions.

Landscape Design

landscape design- Glen Cove

We have extensive knowledge and experience in Landscape Design and Landscape Service provider. We are landscape architects. With the proper landscaping, we’ve transformed properties from what were considered vast wastelands, with poor drainage, to beautiful ossias for families to enjoy for recreationally or for relaxation. 

We not only work with grass, plantings, trees, and shrubs, but we work with masonry materials as well to create the perfect backyard design. We can install patio areas, and create a paved area with paving stones, rocks or gravel or sand. 

Expand To The Outdoors

We at Glen Cove Landscaping can create your dream backyard, the type of backyard you don’t need a vacation from, the type that is the vacation location.  Using your choice of materials, including stone and concrete we can help create your dream outdoor kitchen and dining area. 

Making a specially designated area is a perfect way to get the most use out of your home’s backyard. On the North Shore of Long Island we enjoy many different seasons, and having the proper setup for your backyard will allow you to use it throughout the year. 

Glen Cove Landscapping
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Lawn Care

We care for your lawn as if it’s our own. We make sure every part of your lawn is treated and cared for throughout the year. We strive to make sure your lawn is lush and preserved looking beautiful throughout the year. We will evaluate your lawn in the spring and determine any areas that need attention with landscaping. Adding seed and fertilizer is the first step of proper lawn care in the Spring. We will also determine and treat any low spots. These areas can not only be dangerous when walking on your lawn (if they are large) but also, even small low areas can acclimate too much water, creating puddles. These puddles, besides being unsightly, are not good for your lawn and grass growth. Yes, too much water is not a good thing. 

Your Go-To Lawn Mowing Service for a Picture-Perfect Lawn is Glen Cove Landscaping!

At Glen Cove Landscaping, we are aware that a healthy lawn forms the basis of a stunning landscape. With our expert lawn mowing service, we take the worry out of lawn maintenance and provide you a lush, green, and spotless lawn that will make your neighborhood green with envy.

We Provide Lawn Cutting Services:

1. Accuracy and proficiency:

Every lawn mowing operation is handled with care and knowledge by our team of qualified landscapers. We carefully consider the particular needs of your lawn and employ the best mowing methods to produce a constantly even cut that doesn't miss any patches of grass.

2. Cutting-edge apparatus

We take great satisfaction in employing top-tier, commercial-grade mowers and tools to produce excellent results. We can effectively mow your lawn thanks to our sophisticated equipment, striking the ideal balance between preserving healthy grass and boosting its appearance.

3. Schedules for routine maintenance:

We are aware of the value of routine lawn care for a healthy and lovely lawn. We can design a tailored maintenance plan to meet your lawn's unique demands using our various scheduling choices, ensuring that it is healthy and vibrant all year round.

4. Services for trimming and edging:

More than just mowing, a well-kept lawn is all about the little things. Your lawn will look better overall and have a more polished finish thanks to the clean, defined margins our edging and trimming services produce along pathways, driveways, and flower beds.

5. Clearing up and removing debris:

Our team takes care of the cleanup after finishing the grass mowing, edging, and pruning. We thoroughly clear up any debris and grass cuttings, keeping your property immaculate.

Why Pick Glen Cove Landscape Design?

1. Professional Landscapers Team:

Our staff is made up of committed, knowledgeable landscaping technicians with extensive knowledge of grass maintenance. They take great pleasure in their work and are passionate about creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes.

2. Paying Close Attention:

When it comes to mowing the lawn, we pay close attention to the slightest aspects. We go above and above to maintain the health and aesthetic value of your lawn, doing everything from adjusting the mower height to spotting potential problems with your lawn.

3. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our main priority. With every lawn mowing service we offer, we work to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients because we appreciate their opinions.

4. Practicality and dependability:

You may appreciate the ease of having a dependable crew take care of your grass when you work with Glen Cove Landscaping. We show up on time, get the job done quickly, and leave your yard immaculate.

Glen Cove Landscaping Will Transform Your Lawn!

Are you prepared to turn your lawn into a lovely oasis? Allow Glen Cove Landscaping to be your go-to company for lawn care. We are here to improve the beauty and health of your lawn, whether you need a one-time cut or routine upkeep. Make an appointment with us right away, and prepare to enjoy the pleasure of a beautifully maintained lawn!

Snow- Glen cove Landscapping


Damage Repair

In the winter your lawn, trees, and bushes have to endure a great deal but not to worry there are ways to help them survive. Throughout the North Shore, our winters can be harsh with the cold air, strong rainfalls, ice, and snow, and your lawn, your trees, and your plants take the brunt of this weather for months. In October, November, December, and even into January, your lawn is dealing with the most difficult weather, but with your help, it will not only survive but strive.  

The first recommendation we have is to hose off the front of your lawn as soon as possible after a snow or ice storm. Why? Because, especially in the front, your lawn and landscaping have been subjected to sand and salt thrown on it from the treatment of the roadways. Taking your hose and angling it so that this debris is washed back onto the street will ensure that your lawn doesn’t absorb this material. 

Remove any large debris, such as branches, misplaced lawn furniture, etc. Leaving large objects on the lawn can block the sun, create a pooling of water, etc. which will prevent the lawn from growing. This is true with any shrubs as well. If any larger branches have fallen onto your shrubs, remove them as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage. 

This little bit of winter maintenance can help your plantings and grass grow easily and strong come Spring. 

From Glen Cove Landscaping.

Healthy Soil

It all starts with the soil. A healthy lawn needs healthy soil to grow. We will test your soil, determine the chemical makeup and treat it accordingly. The soil should be nutrient-rich with little sand and clay buildup which we find a lot on the North Shore of Long Island. If we find this in your lawn, a small top coat of healthy soil is often all it will need as the majority of the grassroots are very close to the top. We can also add a top dressing of compost or mulch. 

Seasonal Specials 

If you work with us, we’ll be there for you throughout the seasons. We can help with fall cleanups, leaf removal, and raking. We will also help with the aeration of the soil in the spring, and deliver and spread quality mulch. 

Welcome to Glen Cove Landscaping, your top choice for exceptional landscape services and seasonal specials!

Looking for high-quality, reasonably priced landscape services that change with the seasons? Look nowhere else! To meet your year-round landscaping needs, Glen Cove Landscaping is happy to provide special seasonal deals. With our top-notch services, our knowledgeable team is prepared to turn your outdoor area into a beautiful haven. Don't pass up these few opportunities to enjoy the splendor of each season!

Keywords: Glen Cove Landscaping, Limited-time Offers, Professional, Affordable, Outdoor Space, Expert Team, Top-tier Services, Seasonal Specials, Landscape Services, and Beauty of Every Season.

1. Revitalize Your Landscape with a Spring Garden Revival!
Keywords: Spring Landscape, Seasonal Garden Care, Garden Revival, and Spring Gardens

As the snow melts away and nature awakens, it's time to refresh your garden! With expert care and attention, our spring garden revival special brings your landscape back to life. To produce a spectacular springtime show, our crew will do a thorough inspection, carry out any pruning, and add vivid seasonal blossoms. With our energizing seasonal offer, get your garden ready to blossom!

2. Summer Lawn Makeover: Design the Lawn of Your Dreams!
Search terms: Dream Lawn, Summer Lawn, Seasonal Lawn Care, Lush Green Lawn

With our Summer yard Makeover Special, you can transform your yard into a summertime paradise. To maintain a lush, green lawn all summer long, our knowledgeable technicians will methodically nourish your grass, install effective irrigation systems, and apply tailored treatments. Prepare to unwind and savor the splendor of summer on your ideal lawn!

3. Fall Foliage Spectacle - Enjoy the Autumnal Shades!
Keywords: Seasonal Leaf Cleanup, Autumn Colors, Fall Foliage, Foliage Spectacle, Fall Landscape

With our Fall Foliage Spectacle Special, you may witness the amazing grandeur of autumn. Our crew will skillfully accentuate the landscape's inherent colors to provide a magnificent autumn wonderland. With the help of our leaf removal services, you won't have to worry about the cleanup while you enjoy the glory of the season. Enjoy the beautiful fall hues with our tailored fall foliage services!

4. Protect your landscape with Winter Wonderland preparation!
Winter landscape maintenance, seasonal tree pruning, and winter preparation are other related terms.

With our Winter Paradise Prep Special, get your landscaping ready for the winter paradise! Your trees will be evaluated by our experienced arborists, who will also do any necessary pruning to preserve their structural integrity and put protective measures in place to resist the hard winter weather. With our professional winter preparation services, you can protect your landscape from the hazards of winter!

Why Pick Glen Cove Landscape Design?

Top landscape design services, knowledgeable landscapers, reasonable costs, client satisfaction, great team!

Top Landscape Services: To meet your year-round landscaping demands, our team of qualified landscapers provides a comprehensive range of services.

qualified landscapers: With years of expertise and understanding, our talented team is committed to providing top-notch services throughout the year.

pricing that Everyone Can Afford: We believe in offering excellent landscaping services at pricing that everyone can afford.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, which motivates us to offer unique solutions and first-rate support.

With Seasonal Specials, Transform Your Landscape Today!

Don't pass up the chance to make your outside space more beautiful with our special seasonal offers. Make an appointment with Glen Cove Landscaping right away, and let our talented crew to design a stunning landscape that celebrates the beauty of each season!


As part of our packages, we provide weeding of your yard. Besides making sure that the majority of the weeds don’t take root in the first place, we will remove any that have snuck through, keeping your yard beautiful and weed free. If you need a complete revamping and removal of the weeds in the spring, we are available. 

Pruning Trees

We can help with the pruning or full tree removal, Yes pruning and tree trimming of trees is an important part of your lawn care and adds to your lawn’s health. We’ll evaluate your yard’s trees for the optimum combination of shade for you and sun for your lawn. 

Are you hoping to make the landscaping on your property more attractive and useful? Look nowhere else! We at Glen Cove Landscaping take pleasure in being the neighborhood's go-to tree service specialists. We provide excellent tree-trimming services that will leave your trees healthier, more beautiful, and safe. We have years of experience and a staff of qualified experts.

Our tree-trimming services include:

Professional Tree Trimming: Our licensed arborists are experts in methods of tree trimming that support tree health and preserve the shape of the trees. The beauty of your trees will be kept since proper trimming improves air circulation and sunshine exposure, lowering the risk of disease and infestations.

Maintenance of the tree canopy and tree shaping: Overgrown trees can obscure views and pose safety risks. Our knowledgeable crew is skilled at shaping and maintaining tree canopies, enabling your trees to enhance the design of your landscape and contribute to a welcoming and safe atmosphere.

Hazardous Limb Removal: Dead branches and overhanging limbs present serious threats to your property and the safety of others nearby. In order to identify and safely remove dangerous limbs and avoid accidents and property damage, our professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary.

Crown thinning and reduction: A tree's general health and attractiveness depend on maintaining the proper density of the tree's crown. Your trees will be balanced and aesthetically beautiful while still maintaining their natural development patterns with the help of our crown thinning and reduction services.

Concerned about the condition of your trees? Perform a tree health assessment. To spot potential problems early on, our experts conduct thorough tree health assessments. From illnesses to pest infestations, we identify the issues and provide workable solutions to restore the health of your trees.

Why Pick Glen Cove Landscaping For Tree Service

Expertise and expertise: Our team of tree trimming professionals has years of expertise in the landscaping sector and has refined their techniques to produce excellent outcomes. To offer the finest service possible, we keep up with the most recent methods and tools.

trained Arborists: Our staff is made up of trained arborists that have a thorough understanding of tree care and a strong commitment to protecting the environment. They adjust their strategy in accordance with their knowledge of the particular requirements of various tree species.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: For effective and precise tree trimming services, we use cutting-edge equipment. Our equipment not only makes the job easier, but it also lessens any potential effects on your property and the environment.

Customer pleasure Guaranteed: At our company, customer pleasure comes first. In order to create individualized solutions that meet and beyond expectations, we collaborate closely with our clients and pay special attention to their needs and preferences.

Affordable Pricing: At Glen Cove Landscaping, we are committed to offering high-caliber services at reasonable costs. In order to meet your particular needs and budget, we provide fair pricing and tailored packages.

Discover the Glen Cove Landscaping Difference:

Using our team's skill in tree trimming, transform your landscape. We are dedicated to boosting the beauty and health of your trees, whether they are on a home or commercial site. Glen Cove Landscaping wants to be your partner in creating a beautiful and well-maintained landscape, so get in touch with us right now for a free consultation.


Local Laws

We are aware of the local laws that regulate landscapers in our area. We are licensed and insured to be in the Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Glen Head, and Old Brookville areas. We adhere to all regulations within the towns, not just because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do. After all, we are your neighbors, if we make a mess or don’t do the right thing, we want you to smile at us when you see us in Stop and Shop. 

See link below for PDF of Sea Cliff's local law on leaf-blowers and noise ordinance:  From June 1 through September 30th neither landscapers or homeowners can operate a gas powered leaf blower.  

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